Expert Witnesses in Your Texas Personal Injury Case

As you build your personal injury case, you might reach out to on-the-scene witnesses to corroborate details of an accident or incident that they also experienced or observed firsthand. In court, these witnesses can testify regarding real facts and events. But ordinary witnesses are not the only people who can offer valid testimony that might bolster your case: certain professionals with relevant expertise can also provide valuable opinions based on their experience, giving particular insight into the circumstances of your case or condition. These individuals are known as expert witnesses.

What is an expert witness?

Expert witnesses are professionals engaged by either the plaintiff’s or defendant’s legal team for the purpose of providing an objective opinion on a particular topic. Typically, expert witnesses are paid for their services. Unlike on-the-scene witnesses of an accident, experts cannot report or corroborate facts—instead they interpret facts and connect them to the case at hand based on their area of specialty.

Who can be an expert witness?

Not just anyone can serve as an expert witness. According to the Federal Rules of Evidence, only those with specific relevant “knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education” are qualified to provide their opinions when applicable.

There are a number of different types of expert witnesses who might be of use in a Texas personal injury case, including the following:

  • Medical professionals – Doctors, surgeons, nurses, or other practitioners who can speak to the severity of an injury, recovery times, treatments needed over time, disability caused, etc.
  • Psychology experts – Professionals who can offer insight into the emotional damages an injury victim might suffer, such as distress, loss of a loved one, or other types of non-financial pain and suffering
  • Pain management specialists – Experts who can describe potential pain management needs, accessibility requirements, in-home care, etc.
  • Rehabilitation specialists – Occupational therapists or other vocational professionals who can estimate time and wages lost
  • Accident reconstructionists – Professionals who can recreate an accident scene and the events that transpired to cause it
  • Phone record analysts – Experts who can analyze phone records and determine phone use, particularly leading up to an accident

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