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Motorcyclists face unique dangers on the road, with a higher incidence of fatalities and severe injuries compared to other motor vehicle accidents. Lacking the protective enclosure of cars or trucks, riders have minimal safeguarding, leading to increased risks of severe injuries, temporary or permanent disability, and tragically, fatalities.

While defensive riding is crucial for minimizing risks, it’s impossible to control the behavior of other road users. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, seeking prompt guidance from our Friendswood motorcycle accident lawyers is essential. At Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers, we have assisted numerous motorcycle accident victims in obtaining the justice and compensation they deserve. Our experienced legal team will carefully evaluate your case to determine the best course of action. Contact us today at (281) 645-5000 for a complimentary and confidential consultation regarding your situation.

Motorcycle crashes can occur for many reasons, and even among riders with years of experience. Some of the most common types of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Head-on collisions—The vast majority of these accidents involve crashing head-on with an oncoming vehicle or colliding with a stationary object. Sadly, head-on collisions are often deadly.
  • Left-hand turn strikes—Riders must exercise extra caution when a car makes a left-hand turn. Motorcycle-auto accidents frequently occur when a car turning left hits a motorcycle as the rider attempts to pass the car or proceed through an intersection.
  • Colliding with stationary objects—Approximately 25 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents occur when the rider collides with a fixed object, compared to 18 percent of fatal car crashes. If you can prove that a property owner was negligent in placing the object—a mailbox, for example—too close to the road, you may be able to recover damages. The same is true with regard to park construction equipment that lacks reflective placards.
  • Road hazards. Because a motorcycle is smaller and less stable than a car, motorcyclists must exercise even more caution when riding in unfavorable weather conditions, through construction zones, and on poorly maintained roads.

Types of Motorcycle Injuries

As previously mentioned, the absence of physical protection around motorcyclists coupled with their smaller vehicle size heightens the risk of injury compared to occupants of larger vehicles on the road.

Some of the most common injuries suffered in motorcycle crashes include:

  • Road rash — Because there is no metal frame surrounding motorcyclists, a rider will likely make contact with the road if they crash. Road rash occurs when a rider’s body slides along the pavement. The pavement cuts through clothing and can remove the topmost layers of skin. In mild cases, road rash will expose you to infection and can increase skin sensitivity once healed. In more severe cases, it can cause superficial nerve damage. Wearing sturdy protective gear designed for motorcycle riding can reduce or prevent road rash.
  • Head injuries — Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)frequently occur in motorcycle accidents, especially if the rider is not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. If you are over 21 and have either (a) completed a Motorcycle Operation Training Course or (b) have proof of at least $10,000 medical insurance coverage, Texas law does not require you to wear a helmet while riding. However, it’s good practice to do so, as helmet use dramatically decreases the likelihood of a TBI if you are involved in a crash. TBIs can have a serious and long-lasting impact on your life, including memory issues, impaired thinking and executive function, and seizures.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs). Depending on their severity, SCIs can result in numbness, impaired movement, and paralysis.
  • Broken bones. Similar to road rash, it’s common for motorcyclists to break bones upon impact, especially ribs, legs, arms, the skull, and the collarbone.
  • Traumatic muscle injuries (soft tissue injuries). These injuries are either direct results of impact during the crash or manifest indirectly due to other injuries. For example, severe road rash can damage upper muscle layers, and broken bones can injure surrounding muscle tissue when they shatter.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

The moments immediately following a motorcycle accident are pivotal in determining the outcome of a personal injury case. Many of the regulations governing auto accidents are equally applicable to motorcycle accidents.


If you are conscious and able, do:

  • Exchange contact and insurance information with any other individuals involved in the accident;
  • Document as much as possible before leaving the scene, including taking pictures of the vehicles, the surrounding area, and your injuries;
  • Tell the police officer exactly what happened without assuming fault of any kind, and
  • Take yourself to the nearest emergency room to receive medical attention, even if you feel fine. Internal injuries are serious, and it can take hours or even days for someone to realize they are injured after an accident.


Regardless of the circumstances, you should never:

  • Leave the scene until the police officer responding to the accident instructs you to do so unless you require immediate medical attention;
  • Admit fault to the police, any other involved party, or your insurance company; and
  • File an official report with your insurance company before going to a doctor.


Following an accident, individuals typically inform their insurance company promptly to expedite paperwork processing. However, once submitted, this report holds significant weight as insurers utilize it to assess fault and determine payouts. Unfortunately, certain injuries such as closed head and spinal injuries may exhibit symptoms days or even weeks later, complicating matters if revisions are necessary. To protect your interests, seeking guidance from a Houston motorcycle accident lawyer is advisable if you’ve sustained injuries.


The Process for Filing a Claim After a Friendswood Motorcycle Accident

In Texas, the “at-fault” system dictates that the party found responsible for an accident is accountable for the damages suffered by the injured parties. Consequently, insurance companies withhold funds until fault is determined.

However, the victim of the accident may face mounting expenses, including medical bills, lost wages, and property damage, leading to significant financial strain. Therefore, seeking guidance from an experienced Friendswood personal injury attorney is crucial. Your Friendswood motorcycle accident lawyers can expedite the investigation process and position you for the most favorable outcome.

It’s essential to understand that insurance companies prioritize profit and often offer initial settlements well below fair compensation. Hence, it’s imperative to engage with a seasoned Friendswood motorcycle accident attorney who can advocate for the maximum compensation available to you. At Burwell Nebout, while we strive to avoid litigation, if a fair settlement cannot be reached, we are fully prepared to take your case to court and vigorously fight to secure the full compensation you deserve.

Damages You Can Receive After a Friendswood Motorcycle Accident

In legal proceedings, the compensation pursued aims to mitigate the harm caused by the defendant, typically termed “damages.” These damages encompass two main categories: economic and non-economic, both of which hold significant weight in Friendswood motorcycle accident cases.



Personal injuries often come with financial burdens. By suing the at-fault party, you can seek damages to address various costs.  For example, medical bills and treatments for injuries, lost wages due to incapacitation and inability to work, and expenses related to vehicle repairs.


Non-economic damages, though still quantifiable, pose a greater challenge to assess. These damages arise from intangible harms commonly associated with personal injury or wrongful death cases. Among the most prevalent types of non-economic damages are pain and suffering, mental anguish, impairment, disfigurement, and trauma resulting from surviving a severe accident.

In cases of wrongful death, individuals who lose their spouse in an accident may pursue damages for loss of consortium, which encompasses the deprivation of companionship, affection, and comfort typically provided by a life partner. Loss of consortium may also be sought in personal injury cases.

For instance, if a motorcycle accident results in someone becoming paralyzed from the waist down, thereby preventing them from engaging in sexual activity with their spouse, they may seek damages for loss of consortium.



Assessing the value of non-economic damages is inherently subjective, presenting challenges in evaluation that often prompt defendants to dispute their purported worth in court. A skilled Friendswood personal injury attorney possesses the expertise to effectively evaluate non-economic damages, striving to maximize recovery. Conversely, inexperienced attorneys may overestimate non-economic damages, prolonging the case and causing additional emotional distress to the plaintiff. Therefore, it’s vital to partner with a competent Houston personal injury lawyer capable of accurately calculating both economic and non-economic damages from the outset.

Texas Statute of Limitations on Motorcycle Accidents

In Texas, there’s a two-year window from the date of the motorcycle accident to initiate a personal injury claim. Once this period, known as the statute of limitations, lapses, your ability to recover damages may be forfeited. It’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of time in filing your claim. Delaying until the eleventh hour can significantly undermine your case.  In addition, prolong its resolution, and potentially lead to failure in identifying all responsible parties for your injuries.

How a Friendswood Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Following any accident, a Friendswood personal injury lawyer fulfills a role in ensuring you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.  Therefore, allowing you to focus on recovery. From managing assertive insurance companies to advocating for the highest settlement, a Friendswood motorcycle accident lawyer becomes your staunchest advocate.

Your attorney serves as a protective barrier between you and your insurance company throughout the claims process.  As a result, shielding you from weakening your claim or assuming fault.

Surprisingly, many doctors are hesitant to treat patients involved in motorcycle accidents. An experienced Friendswood motorcycle accident lawyer can recommend reputable doctors and clinics willing to provide treatment.  Therefore, steering you clear of “pain mills” that deplete insurance funds while offering inadequate care.

Case Result

Automobile Accident

$19.2 million

Two clients killed as a result of a special defect in the shoulder of the roadway. A state court jury trial resulted in a $19.2 million verdict.

Premises Liability

$10 million

Children that attended school on a former toxic dump site made claims for exposure injuries. $10 million settlement.

Liberty County Record Verdictt

Record setting verdict

Two high school seniors were on their way home on a stretch of road that had been the subject of repeated complaints to the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) about the poor condition of the shoulder. When the students entered a curve, the poor condition of the shoulder resulted in a crash that killed one and severely brain-damaged the other. A trial against the Texas Attorney General’s office resulted in the discovery of altered records, a spoliation instruction, and a record-setting jury verdict for Liberty County.

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