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Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers have been successfully representing Texans involved in accidents for over 36 years. From the most serious industrial accidents in Texas City, 18 wheeler accidents in Houston to Galveston auto accidents, Burwell Nebout represents working families in all personal injury matters. Although the majority of our firm’s practice involves representation of plaintiffs in personal injury litigation, Burwell Nebout handles a vast array of litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants. The firm’s experienced trial attorneys, state of the art computer and technology systems, and professional staff enable us to provide expert representation to our clients. Burwell Nebout possesses the resources and expertise to take on the largest corporations and insurance companies, while remaining true to our commitment to serving our clients on a personal basis.

Houston Auto Accident LawyerAuto Accident Lawyer

Injuries and damages due to other driver’s careless mistakes can cost you much more than monetary value. The attorneys at Burwell Nebout have plenty of experience with Houston and Galveston auto accident cases and Texas City 18 wheeler accidents.

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Houston Industrial Accident AttorneyIndustrial Accident Attorney

The Houston, Texas City and Galveston, Texas area is very familiar with Industrial accidents and how they can take a turn for the worst. Burwell Nebout handles any type of industrial accident cases – both on a large and small scales.

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Houston Personal Injury AttorneyHouston Personal Injury Attorney

Burwell Nebout has many years of experience with personal injury cases throughout the state of Texas with a focus on Houston, Galveston and Texas City. Some of the cases that we have handled in the past are refinery injurieswrongful death cases, maritime accidents, injury or death due to negligenceproduct liability and more.

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BP Oil Spill LawsuitBP Oil Spill Lawsuit

As BP tries to contain the leaking oil in the Gulf of Mexico, Thousands are trying to help in the cleanup effort. Tourist attractions along the affected gulf coast as well as fishermen are wondering how they will make money now that the oil spill is taking away their livelihood. The initial oil rig explosion that occurred on April 20th claimed 11 lives and injured others. This oil spill is now the largest in US history and doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Many of the people helping to cleanup and who are exposed to the oil during cleanup and as it washes up on shore and waterway could possible have long term health issues.

BP Oil Spill Lawsuit